Meet The Production Team

Lily Hall – Director

Previous theatre experience?

I’ve acted in several plays during my time at uni: Punk Rock, Hedda Gabler, In Control, Table, Blue Remembered Hills, and I’m going up to the Edinburgh festival this summer with Five Drinks. I’ve tried a little bit of producing with The Penelopiad, but this is my first time directing (scary!). I’ve loved being Publicity Officer on the TG committee this year, and I’m super excited to take over as President for 2015/16!

Tell us a little bit about your role?

My job is to basically stage and choreograph the show, alongside Chloe, our assistant director. It involves running auditions, rehearsals, and helping the cast develop their characters.

If you were a character, who would you be?

Um, I’d like to say Kara because she’s probably one of the nicest and most normal characters in the play.

Favourite thing about TG?

Probably all the people you get to meet- being part of a cast is such a good way to meet people. And the amazing opportunities to do things like perform at the Fringe.

Chloe Beddoes – Assistant Director


Previous theatre experience?

I have performed in a couple of plays at Leeds with Workshop Theatre, Wit and Table, and I am excited to become the secretary on the TG committee in the coming months. But, this is my first time being on the other side of a production as an assistant director.

What does your role involve? 

My role involves helping Lily, the director, create the performance, so I offer advice and suggestions throughout the process.

If you were a character who would you be?

I would probably be Kara because although she is quieter than I am she is one of the sweeter characters who really cares for those around her.

Favourite thing about We Lost Elijah?  

My favourite thing about We Lost Elijah is probably the complexity of some of the characters and the motives behind their actions. I also love the ending because I don’t think audience’s will see it coming.

Emily Friedlos – Producer


Previous theatre experience?

This is the second TG play I’ve produced at uni, I produced Macbeth in February and I will also be producing The Worry Monster which is going up to Edinburgh this August.

If you were a character who would you be?

If I was a character I think I’d be Kara because throughout the play she has good intentions and her love for Malachi and concern for Elijah is genuine. That being said, I’d love to play Titus or Maxwell because I think those characters are hilarious and would be so much fun to play.

Best and worst things about your role?

The best thing about being a producer is that you get to see the full rehearsal process and lead up to the show while getting to know the cast and crew. The worst thing about being a producer is having to nag people to get things done in time.

Favourite thing about We Lost Elijah?

My favourite thing about We Lost Elijah is probably its unpredictability and variety of characters. I also love how current it is, making it relatable and humorous.


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