Meet The Shadowers!

TG runs a scheme that allows those interested in directing a sneak peek at how everything works behind the scenes of a production. Our shadowers have sat in on auditions, rehearsals and have helped throughout the process. So it’s time to meet our lovely shadowers…

Anya Dye


Previous theatre experience?

Before starting at Leeds Uni my previous theatre experience just included school and amateur drama group plays. With my school last year we took a musical up to the Edinburgh Fringe. This year I have been involved in one Theatre Group play (Let’s get Lade) which I thoroughly enjoyed doing!

What do you think of the shadower scheme?

The shadower scheme has been extremely helpful! Jake (another shadower) and I have written a play which Theatre Group is taking up to Edinburgh, and being able to see how auditions and rehearsals are run has been very useful. Having only been on the auditioning and acting side of a show, it has been great to see how a production team works.

If you were a character who would you be?

If I were to be a character from the show, I would probably be Titus or Maxwell – as I have come from a kinda posh school. (I also fancy giving the rap a go…even though I would be awful at it).

Favourite thing about TG?

My favourite thing TG is how they offer opportunities to learn about all sides off putting on a play. I have learnt a lot more about the production of a play which I hadn’t really thought much about before joint TG. (Also everyone is very lovely)

Emily Kennedy


Previous theatre experience?

I’ve done lots of productions previously before I came to Leeds and was in workshop theatres production of table last semester which was really great fun.

If you were a character who would you be?

I would definitely want to be Titus or Maxwell as they are really funny and the rap is definitely my favourite part of the play.

What do you think of the shadower scheme?

It’s been really good at teaching me how to structure rehearsals and go about directing and producing a play which is something I’ve never done before. I am considering proposing a play in the future whilst at Leeds and its really helped in making me feel more confident if I was allowed to put on a play. It’s also been really fun seeing a different side to a production and sitting in on auditions and rehearsals.

Favourite thing about TG?

I really love how they put on so many shows each semester so that you get to audtition for loads. It also means there is a wide variety so you can find a play that you absolutely love.

Jake Williams


Previous theatre experience?
I’ve always been interested in Theatre Group but this is my first foray into the society! I’ve also co-written and am co-producing Five Drinks which we’re taking up to Edinburgh this summer.

If you were a character who would you be?

Describe your character in 3 words.
Childish, Caring, Attention-Seeking.

Favourite thing about We Lost Elijah?
Grace – she is awful.


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